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All of our HAIR products are 100% natural and handcrafted with quality ingredients.

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Beauty is unique, and linked to well-being. When we make ourselves the center of our attention and take care of our wellness we feel confident and happier.

3 actives

We care about your hair

Three essential actives for your hair

Açai Oil

Antioxidant, moisturizing, nourishing, elasticizing, regenerating and anti-aging properties; it is rich in monounsaturated lipids and fatty acids that create a protective film on the hair giving an emollient and regenerating action. It also contains vitamin C and E, mineral salts and anthocyanins, which give high hydration capacity for this particularly suitable for dry hair and without shine. Improves the hydrolipidic balance of the hair shaft, which becomes shiny. It also gives a delicate and beautiful reflection effect, natural to the entire hair.

Abyssinian Oil

Oil extracted from the seeds of a shrub of African origins, deeply moisturizes scalp and lengths, without weighing it down because it is easily absorbed, leaving a natural lipid film that makes hair shiny and soft. Rich in Omega 3 and 6 that protect the skin and keep it elastic and nourished. It also has an important polishing action. It contains numerous fatty acids resulting extremely rich and nourishing, purifying and antiseptic.


The vegetable “cheratin” used consists of several hydrolysed proteins at low and medium molecular weight (derived from wheat, rice, corn and soya), which allows it to penetrate the hair fiber and form a protective reticulum on the surface; thus acts as a cementant, reinforcing and protective, gives smoothness and light. Leaves hair manageable, elastic, soft and shiny and gives volume, lightness and shine.

3 steps

Master your haircare routine

Step 1


Take you time to deeply cleanse the scalp & nourish with the conditioner.

Step 2


Choose the product according to your hair type and style your hair.

Step 3


Finish with the oil, to seal the perfect hairstyle and enlighten the ends.


Salon Wellness Experience

Professional treatment for restructuring and well-being of the hair able to adapt dynamically according to needs.

Deep restructuring for particularly damaged or dull hair due to chemical treatments, and strengthening for the maintenance of bright and healthy hair.

Formulated with specific thermolabile vitamins and natural oils with a highly nourishing and regenerating action that exert their best cold performance.

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