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Taking care

Taking care of ourselves is an act of love, nowadays we have less time to dedicate to ourselves but when we do, this gesture gives us a warm feeling of well-being.


Feeling good is a necessary emotion, we forget about the problems and focus on ourselves, putting us in the center of attention, making us feel more confident.



Meoro is a ritual of beauty, a collection formed by the union of research and innovation and attention to the well-being of the customer. Haircare products that take care of every aspect of the hair to 360 º to always feel the best.

Meoro was born in 2019, in Milan, in the heart of the Fashion District.
Meoro is customer satisfaction and wellbeing.

Beauty is unique, and linked to well-being. When we make ourselves the center of our attention and take care of our wellness we feel confident and happier.


Three essential values of our lines

Innovation and research

Research for an innovative and unique product. Efficient and essential with certified results.

Wellness and rituals

Channel the best version of yourself through a ritual, immersing yourself in well-being.

Focus on customer

Meoro wants a relationship of trust with the customer supported by knowledge and experience.

Discover our lines

Three essential lines dedicated to wellness.


Cream products for hair reconstruction, lengths and styling.


Colouring products in powder 100% natural and 98% organic origin.


Products dedicated to the well-being of the scalp, anti-hair loss treatment.

How can we help you?

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